Governments need to do more on housing

Federal and state governments are failing the test of providing secure, affordable housing with two in three Australians saying all political parties must do more to address housing affordability.

Recent polling shows dissatisfaction with policy on housing affordability.

Recent polling shows dissatisfaction with policy on housing affordability.

The polling has been released to coincide with the housing, homelessness and community sectors uniting in Canberra today to launch a new national campaign aimed at rebalancing the housing system for ordinary Australians.

Key points from the poll:

● 62 per cent of Australians think the Federal Government is not doing enough about housing affordability.

● 60 per cent think the Opposition needs to do more.

● 49 per cent of Coalition voters believe the Federal Government is not doing enough.

● 57 per cent of Labor voters believe the Opposition should do more.

Housing affordability is clearly a critical issue that all parties were failing to address.

Making sure everyone has a home is a top-order priority for Australians but it is not matched by action from our political leaders.

That needs to change.

Genuine home buyers are missing out to people building investment portfolios.

Growing competition for rental properties is driving up prices and rental insecurity.

There’s a chronic shortage of social and affordable rental options, and it’s causing record levels of homelessness.

Both the major parties have a very poor report card when it comes to housing.

The Everybody’s Home campaign will make sure they have no choice but to start taking genuine action instead of more thought bubbles and piecemeal measures.

We need to address the entire housing system to make sure every Australian has a safe, secure roof over their head whether they’re buying, renting or at risk of homelessness.

Kate Colvin

Everybody’s Home campaign spokesperson