Differing opinions valued in democracy

Deputy Mayor Cupper snubbed for calling Andrew Broad “thin skinned”, well that appears to be the behaviour he is showing doesn’t it?

When asked about Cr Cupper’s exclusion from breakfast, the Minister for Agriculture and Water Resources David Littleproud was “unaware” of who was and who wasn’t invited to the event held on International Women’s Day.

Perhaps Minister Littleproud needs to be aware of who will be in attendance to these events as he may need to answer questions after all.

Cr Cupper should have attended the breakfast; her role means it is important that she is well informed of the issues that were discussed during Mr Littleproud’s visit, considering the importance of water and agriculture in this area.

Mr Broad’s cutting contact with Cr Cupper, by text message no less, because of her criticisms of him appears to be very unprofessional and yes, thin skinned. 

We live in a democracy where differing of opinions should be valued, something that Mr Broad does not appear to support.

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