Country life is the pathway to happiness

City life is for those who haven’t tasted regional life, who are happy living in the hustle/bustle, chaos and crowds of people. 

City people can have it but they should pay levies to cover the costs that make their cities function.

We in regions often feel left out and let down by big spends in the capitals such as new stadiums –replacing ones that are quite adequate when regional areas need money spent on schools, hospitals and safer roads.

Regions need growth. There is a need to promote life in the country by creating an image that is attractive. Asset-rich city occupiers need to see there is a better life in the regions and have incentives put forward to attract them to live and invest in regional Australia. 

Regional life in France or the UK or Italy is a desirable prospect for many and should be promoted in Australia where we also have fantastic wineries, the Alps, rivers, lakes and great produce, offering clean fresh air, friendly people and affordable lifestyles. 

Gyll Anderson,

Corowa NSW

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