Piping wasted water is worth the investment

WATER should be Australia’s number one priority but is it?

Politicians of all persuasions have no vision or desire to put it into the forefront of things to do.

There is much argued and written about the Murray Darling Basin but to my mind they are all blind and miss the point completely – there is not enough water for everyone.

How then do we solve this problem? Simple answer. Pipe water that goes to waste from the Kimberley or from north Queensland to the upper reaches of the Darling River.

We could have another nation building Snowy Scheme – sure it would cost a lot but overall more export revenue would far outweigh that cost. 

We can find money for submarines but not water?

Think of all the jobs that would be created. Solar panels and hydro generators could be added to the line. Water could be syphoned off both before and after it reaches the Darling to be used in arable areas.

A road alongside would enhance more tourism.

More water in the Basin would stop the state conflicts. Victoria and NSW would keep more water for their own use and SA would no doubt benefit. Good for every one.

For me, an ex-farmer who recognises the value of water, this plan is just plain common sense. 

Let’s just have the guts to do it.

Russell Evans, 


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