Down the years: Chief Justice Madden revered in Mildura

 100 years ago

Mildura’s Gateway Tavern in the mid-1990s, when  a bus service was started.

Mildura’s Gateway Tavern in the mid-1990s, when a bus service was started.

WAR NEWS: The German ice-breaker Hindenburg was mined and sunk south of Aaland Islands. Eight of the crew perished. A Palestine official report says: Our advance northward was continued yesterday morning. We crossed the Wadi Auja and captured a strong Turkish position five miles westward of the Jordan. We advanced on either side of the Jerusalem-Nablus road on a front of 13 miles to an average depth of from two to three miles. It is reported that 2000 German troops, with artillery, have landed near Abo, in Finland. No off­icial confirmation has been received of this report. The heaviest fighting of the year occurred in the Passchendaele salient. The enemy heavily bombarded the whole front- from Warneton to Langemaarck. The British on a mile front met the enemy with success and so vigorous a resistance that the advancing waves broke and retired at most places. The Portuguese successfully raided Neuve Chapelle. (13.3.1918)

ADVERTISING: Fish for Lent: There is almost the freshness of an old salt himself in our fish. It is most appetising, fresh and wholesome. One item ought to specially interest you and that is our Boneless Choice Cod in Blocks. Your Boys Colours: We supply in any designs the following Colors: All Infantry Battalions, Artillery, Light Horse, Pioneers, Engineers, Signallers, Cycle, Medical, Flying, Machine Gun, and Army Service Corps & Pendants, Links, Brooches. Horace Hammerton’s. The People’s Jeweller, Eighth Street near Hudson’s. (13.3.1918)

SIR JOHN MADDEN: Sir John Madden, Chief Justice of Victoria, died suddenly on Sunday while visiting a friend at South Yarra. The cause was heart-failure. Sir John had a distinguished career, being one of the most gifted and respected of Australian public men and having on several occas­ions acted as Lieut. Governor of the State, filling the position much better than most of the imported vice-regents have done. Sir John visited Mildura some years ago in his capacity of Lieut-Governor of the State and laid the foundation stone of the Carnegie Library. Sir John Madden was 74 years of age when he died. His was a long and honourable career. (13.3.1918)

75 years ago

ST PATRICK’S PICNIC: The popular ­annual picnic will be held at Lake Cardross on Sunday next, March 14, at 2pm. This attractive picnic ground is becoming increasingly popular. The lake is a fine sheet of water, well planted with trees, and is one of the beauty spots of the district. Visitors to the district are enabled to see what has been made of the drainage water of this settlement. Picnic and novelty events have been arranged, with useful trophies as prizes. Ample opportunities for swimming and boating have been arranged. (11.3.1943)

REMOVING GRASSHOPPER SMUDGES: When grasshoppers are numerous, motorists compelled to travel through the swarms generally emerge with the front mudguards and windscreen covered with a thick, gummy substance, the result of thousands of the pests being squashed on impact. An easy and effective method of removal is first to wet the surface to be cleaned; then take a handful of long green grass free of grit and wet it and use in the same manner as chamois leather. (13.3.1943)

 50 years ago

WOMEN’S WORLD DAY OF PRAYER: In over 50 countries, women will observe a day of prayer tomorrow. In Mildura a meeting will be held in the Methodist Church at 3.30. Ladies from various churches will participate. Owing to the late shopping night, the girls’ and business women meeting will be held in the Church of Christ at 7.30 this evening. The special programme has been prepared for world-wide use. Meetings are also being held at Merbein and Red Cliffs. (11.3.1943)

POISONED IRRIGATION WATER: Water containing deadly poisons is being used for drinking by some people in the Red Cliffs and Cardross areas. State Laboratories, Melbourne, found the poison in a sample of water sent for analysis by a Cardross horticulturist. Poisons in the water include the chemical pesticides Lindane, Dieldrin, Endrin, DDE, TDE and DDT. The poison is coming from drainage water into the channels because there is no other way to clear it from the overloaded Red Cliffs and Cardross draining systems. The poison is residue from deadly-to-humans chemical sprays applied to destroy vineyard pests. (11.3.1968)

WALK ACROSS THE RIVER: The Murray River at Colignan has dropped so low that it is possible to walk across it in some places. The river has through the drought been reduced to a sluggish creek past Colignan and Nangiloc. The banks of the Murray in the Colignan-Nangiloc region are covered with salt, which normally seeps from the irrigation areas back into the river and is carried away. But with the river is so low it is evaporating before it can make its way into the water. (12.3.1968)

LIONEL ROSE IN TOWN: Boxing fever caught hold of Mildura last night. About 200 people were at the airport to welcome the champion. He was given a great ovation by more than 2000 people after being officially welcomed to Sunraysia by the Mayor of Mildura (Cr Roy Burr). Lionel, the reigning World Bantamweight Champion, and Victorian featherweight Jimmy Bell entered the ring for the Sacred Heart Primary School’s “Sporting Highlights” main event shortly after 10 o’clock. (16.3.1968)

25 years ago

ROSS RIVER VIRUS FEAR: A massive increase in the virus throughout Sunraysia has gone unreported and the mosquito control program which has helped contain the disease is under threat. Mildura Shire Council’s chief environmental officer, Mr Brian Parker, said that although district doctors had reported only 76 cases of Ross River virus, this figure was just the tip of the iceberg. (12.3.1993)

COUNTRY MUSIC: Mildura’s country music duo Elaine and Kathryn Pitt were successful at the recent Victorian Country Music Awards at Kyneton. The mother and daughter act won the professional duo section for their recording of Bobby Martin’s “When we’re Together”. Elaine said their next engagement was at the Toowoomba Country Music Festival over Easter. (16.3.1993)

A GREAT DAY FOR THE IRISH: Staff at the Gateway Tavern are all geared up and ready to go for St Patrick’s Day celebrations today. This year patrons can celebrate St Patrick’s Day with specials on Guinness beer, Irish stew and Irish music playing all day in the Calder Bar. There will be happy hours and left-handed hours where drinkers are penalised for holding a drink with their right-hand and an Irish GST – 15 percent off everything. (17.3.1993)

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