Broad criticism could make him accountable

DEAR Ali Cupper, How dare you have the temerity to criticise our revered, even idolised by many, Mr Andrew Broad, Federal Member for Mallee. 

What gives you the right to disagree with an elected Member of the Australian Parliament whose members are held in such high regard by the Australian population and who never make mistakes? 

You seem to be under the impression that we live in a democracy and can express our individual ideas without being punished or even banned from attending a meeting with Agriculture and Water Resources Minister David Littleproud? Shame! Shame! Shame! 

 Just because you are an extremely intelligent, very academically well-qualified, logical thinking young woman who is willing to speak out for all people who live in the Mallee, should you criticise Mr Broad who represents the Mallee farmers and whose party has such wonderful family values? 

Why would you be invited to a meeting where you might present alternative, forward thinking ideas that might stimulate some intelligent discussion?

No! That’s not on! No thinking allowed! 

Ali, the world is changing, as exampled by the Chinese leader last week altering the rules so that he can be (like Mao was) the leader of China for the rest of his life. 

Putin in Russia is doing the same sort of thing and repressing people who criticise him.

Perhaps we can learn from Xi Jinping and Putin’s reaction to criticism. 

Criticising Mr Broad is perhaps an attempt to make him more accountable for the very few ideas that he does express. 

Perhaps if he is not disagreed with, he will put forward some illuminating thoughts that might help the people in his electorate. Wow! Wouldn’t that be wonderful!

Yours in sarcasm,

Winston Easterbrook,


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