This season’s blockbuster starring Andrew Broad and Ali Cupper

“WHEN Andrew met Ali”: the movie. It’s sure to be a box office hit.

Two attractive young stars, volatile, passionate and outspoken for the male lead, with the female lead the champion of minority groups even beyond political expediency, but doing well.

Can’t wait.

I invite Ali Cupper and Andrew Broad to publicly make their views known on the following issues; as a starting point.

1. Corporate cotton being allowed to pump or steal so much water from the top end of the Darling that we need a large pipeline from here to Broken Hill.

2. How will this area be moving into the third industrial revolution (Jeremy Rivkin) as in “the internet of things” and massive technological change that is happening etc?

3. We could be at the beginning of another long drought complete with algal blooms. What preparations are to be made?

4. The privatisation of “everything” including our hospital, which is a transfer of power and wealth away from the people to the corporations.

The movie script so far is an amusing distraction, however I am eagerly waiting for our best and brightest to tackle the real issues with some pragmatism and in the best interests of all.

Noel Pound,


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