Community safety an issue in white and black

I COMMEND Simon Clemence, councillor for community safety, for drawing attention to the needs for zebra crossings in various locations around the medical precinct in Ontario Avenue.

However I draw attention to one glaring anomaly in safety.

A while back council installed a pedestrian crossing directly in front of Tristar, giving road access to the medical offices on the other side of the road.

It’s a great initiative with a pedestrian sign indicating people crossing, however this sign is far from adequate for the purpose it was intended. 

Firstly the cars parked in front of the facilities opposite Tristar are angle parked, and actually park directly next to the commencement of the crossing.

Large cars parked there actually block out the first couple of metres of the crossing, thereby we have the situation where the elderly or disabled could already be entering the crossing out of view of approaching traffic.

I challenge any councillor to drive down Thirteenth Street and not see this glaring basic safety oversight. 

What is frightening about this pedestrian crossing is that in most cases, it is used by the elderly and those with mobility problems crossing from one medical service to another. 

Not all road safety measures implemented in Mildura have to be forecast and have a cost analysis done and wait for years to be budgeted, some are pretty well just basic commonsense. 

In this case, I suggest installing a simple flashing amber light to accompany the pedestrian crossing sign.

Ian Felton, 


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