Use CCTV to curb nightlife violence

I SEE the police would like to change venue hours to curb CBD violence, which will impact serverely on both business profits and patrons’ enjoyment plus value for money.

This includes effecting not only nightclubs but other venues nearby.

Instead, I would like to see police use those taxpayer funded cameras that were put there specifically to curb this problem in the first place to solve the problem as previously promised.

Why isn’t the footage from these cameras turning up in prosecutions and in the papers to deter the few idiots that are messing things up for everyone else who is just there to enjoy themselves.

Are they ever actually turned on?

Once these few idiots, and they are a very small minority that mess things up for everybody else, become aware that they will be named and shamed, and footage will automatically mean instant prosecution, and then magistrates back up the police, then maybe all will be well in the world of Mildura nightlife.

Mike Rickard,


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