Airport control vital

What’s common to regional centres that grow and prosper? Its airports.

Thirty years ago, Mildura and Swan Hill were much the same size. 

Fortunately, previous generations saw the significance of Mildura Airport and successive councils made it a high priority. Beyond roads, it is now our most valuable community asset.

The airport is a key strategic asset owned by council. It is a facility with many stakeholders.

But, sadly, council has relinquished control of this essential service and outsourced its operations to company directors who have no reason to consult with, or even entertain, the broader interests of the Mildura community.

The current situation is akin to giving control of local roads to an independent body that determines only buses and trucks have access.

Council must either regain control or ensure a governing body committed to servicing all potential users of the airport.

It is to be remembered that the huge local, state and federal governments investments to date, presupposes that the facility will benefit all Mildura constituents into the future – not just the trending corporatised model so fashionable in today’s regional management of our land, water, rail and air.

Peter Greed,


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