Trial park should be made permanent

I APPEAL to local dog owners to take their dogs to the trial dog park for a great experience for both dogs and people.

On Saturday morning, between 7am and 9am, more than 25 dogs and their people had made use of the dog park.

It was a wonderful mix of dogs and people relaxing and socialising harmoniously together.

Mildura Rural City Council is to be commended for the provision and maintenance of the trial dog park at Rio Vista Park.

It is a beautiful location by the river with tables and shade provided, plus a big, green expanse of grass for running and playing. 

Through my daily use of the dog park, my dog and I have become friends with dogs and people that we would not have met otherwise – it is a highly social occasion enjoyed by all.

I sincerely hope Mildura Rural City Council decides at the end of the trial period on April 30, 2018, that the provision of this off-leash area for dogs is a much needed community asset and commits to making this dog park a permanent feature of the Mildura riverfront.

Please bring your dog down to the trial dog park and not only will you help ensure the success of the trial period but you will have fun together.

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