Call to give off-leash dog park a chance

I REGULARLY take my dog for a walk in the “trial” off-leash area at Rio Vista Park.

Sadly, though, I see this area becoming an experiment set up to fail – rather like the now-derelict amphitheatre nearby.

 In the case of the amphitheatre, a start was made by landscaping the seating and pouring a concrete stage, but nothing more was developed – no changing rooms, no electricity supply suitable for stage lighting, no public toilets, no fencing so that user groups could recoup costs by charging admission.

Then a “review” was commissioned to show it was under-used, and it was abandoned.

 The off-leash park looks like going the same way.

A bit of fencing was erected along the road, but nowhere else, and a couple of signs were erected. 

That’s not a dog park.

It needs to be fully enclosed so that dog owners can be sure their animals don’t stray.

It needs a schedule of frequent mowing to eventually eliminate the murderous caltrop and puncture weed burrs.

It needs a few trees for shade, and shrubbery areas for sniffing (and piddling).

It needs a drinking fountain or at least a tap.

Please, Council, spend a few more dollars and give it a chance to succeed before it’s declared a failed experiment.

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