Barnaby predicament sign of ‘modern’ age

The proverbial has hit the fan in the aftermath of Barnaby Joyce’s romance becoming known. 

Many in the National camp are unhappy, and there are calls for Barnaby to be replaced as leader of the federal Nationals.

Some have sanctimoniously said they won’t hand out how-to-vote cards for the Nats at the next election if Barnaby remains leader.

But wait a minute, what did Barnaby do that is so wrong in today’s new morality?

Nearly every second person I meet has had at least one divorce. 

We live in this “modern” age in which anything goes and traditional morality has long gone out the door.

Why should we expect different standards for those in government than in society generally?

It is the height of hypocrisy to expect politicians to maintain a different standard than the rest of the community.

Perhaps investigative journalists should inquire into the private lives of all politicians and we would be surprised what they might unearth.

I will say to the hypocrites: “Those without faults let them cast the first stone.”

Jay Nauss, 

Glen Aplin

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