Pipe repairs can cause change in drinking water

Re: Water quality queries. Lower Murray Water is committed to providing good quality safe drinking water to our customers. 

Occasionally customers may experience some changes in taste, odour or colour due to repair work on the water pipe network which stirs up sediment or changes in the quality of the water from the Murray River. 

We service over 400kms of underground pipe network in the region and some areas of this network were installed more than 60 years ago. 

Our customers are the best judge of the water received through your taps at home and subtle changes can usually be easily identified. 

We encourage anyone who is experiencing changes in water quality to contact our office. Our water quality team is always happy to investigate the issue and rectify it as soon as possible. Our maintenance crews can attend sites quickly to flush water mains if a problem arises. 

We continue to monitor and test the water at our treatment plants to ensure it remains safe to drink for the community.

Leesa Merrett, 

Lower Murray Water

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