Future of the marina is being worked on

The Marina housing and tourism development has been a complicated project.

I agree that it has been a difficult time for property owners since the original developers went into receivership.

Unfortunately, complicated planning issues have delayed progress which I believe is of no fault to private property investors or developers throughout the life of the project.

Council and developers work through unforseen circumstances with changes to plans and flooding issues that have taken approximately two years to overcome.

Currently, a developer is awaiting a determination from VicRoads before any progress can be made.

It would serve no purpose in starting landscaping if it then needs to be ripped up, consequently spending ratepayers money unnecessarily.

Councils current budget process will determine allocation of funds for future landscaping.

We need to protect ratepayers’ investment and a positive approach to this iconic river location is essential for its success in the future.

Mark Eckel, 

Mildura Mayor

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