Cyclist calls for safety and respect

TO the foul-mouthed motorist (and passenger) in the silver vehicle, who felt it necessary to follow me and drive beside me screaming obscenities while I was cycling to the hospital to work on Friday night.

Please be aware that, as I entered the roundabout on Eleventh Street and Ontario Avenue, before you even reached it, by law you are required to give way to me – even if this means slowing down from the bat out of hell speed you appeared to be doing.

Also be aware that the law requires you to ideally keep one metre away from cyclists, to drive cautiously in residential streets, and watch out for us at intersections and roundabouts.

Over the summer months, there are many cyclists on the roads.

All road users should be able to use our roads safely and without being exposed to abusive and aggressive behaviour. 

Be patient. Be safe. Be respectful on our roads.

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