15 years’ jail over rapes with kill threats: 'Chilling' assault

A RAPIST who repeatedly assaulted a Sunraysia woman in the middle of the night while she was home alone will spend more than a decade behind bars.

Even a forensic psychologist’s report tendered to the Victorian County Court was unable to explain why Luke Kade Ramm, 36, entered the woman’s unit in the early hours of January 4, repeatedly raped her in her bed and threatened to kill her.

Ramm, from the South Australian town of Eudunda, was yesterday sentenced to 15 years’ jail, with an 11½-year non-parole period.

Judge Michael Bourke said it was “disturbing” the report did not provide any substantial explanation for Ramm’s crimes.

Judge Bourke had requested the report at a previous court sitting in August, when Ramm pleaded guilty to five counts of rape, two counts of making a threat to kill, attempted rape, aggravated burglary, theft and common assault.

It did not identify any mental illness that was responsible for Ramm’s offending.

The judge described the events as “chilling” and said Ramm’s threats to kill the woman had been repeated during the ordeal.

Ramm had been staying with his mother at her unit in a town near Mildura for about two months when he committed the rapes.

The court heard Ramm stole a small amount of money from the victim’s purse, which was inside her unlocked car outside her unit the night before.

Inside the car he found some of the woman’s personal details, including her name, her partner’s name and where she worked.

Ramm committed the information to memory and used it to terrorise her during the chilling rape the following night.

After a night out at the pub on January 3, Ramm tried to break in to the victim’s unit to steal money.

He gained access through an unlocked door and made his way to the main bedroom, where the woman was asleep.

She woke to find Ramm kneeling over her with his hand on her throat.

When she screamed, Ramm placed his hand over her mouth and threatened to kill her if she was not quiet, before raping her five times.

Throughout the ordeal, Ramm told the woman he had a knife and that he could kill her, at one point saying: “We will drive far and I can do what I want and I will dump you there. No one will find you for days”.

Ramm told the woman his name was “Andrew” and claimed to have been watching her at work “for months”.

He again threatened to kill her, as well as her boyfriend, if she went to the police.

The woman drove to Mildura police station just before 3am to report the attack, after finding her local station was unmanned.

Ramm was arrested two days later and admitted what he had done.

The court heard the attack left the woman, who has since moved and intends to leave Australia, with anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Ramm’s lawyer Gavan Tellefson said his client had been using ice, as well as alcohol, on the night of the attack.

Judge Bourke said Ramm would have received a 19-year sentence, with a non-parole period of 16 years, had he not expressed remorse and entered an early guilty plea.

Ramm had been in custody since his arrest on January 6.

Rapist had assaulted a woman before

THE chilling night attack on a Sunraysia woman earlier this year was not the first time Luke Kade Ramm targeted a defenceless woman in her home, the Victorian County Court heard.

Ramm was convicted and sentenced to four years on charges including assault with intent to rape in the Queensland District Court more than a decade ago after the attempted rape of a woman in her Cairns unit.

Transcripts from the Queensland Court of Appeal show the woman was woken by Ramm trying to open the front door of her unit in the early hours one morning in August 2006. 

Ramm, who lived in the same unit block, was fully clothed and asked in vulgar terms to have sex with her.

The woman turned him away but an hour later he smashed his way through the french doors of her unit, wearing nothing but underpants and work boots.

Ramm attacked the woman and placed a pillow over her face, stopping his attack only when other residents of the unit block heard her screams and came into the room.

As he left the unit, Ramm told a male witness: “She is f-ing crazy” before he walked and hid underneath a truck parked in the street.

The Court of Appeal upheld the four-year term but imposed a non-parole period of 16 months, after which Ramm was released.

It was submitted the offences were out of character and happened when Ramm had been abusing alcohol heavily.

The Court of Appeal found Ramm had promising rehabilitative prospects if he abstained from drinking and that he was “an offender who would benefit from a substantial period of supervision in the community”.

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