Being a politician is an honour, not a right

AT the last Federal election, I intended to nominate as a Senator.

I obtained all relevant application forms, downloaded the same and proceeded to fill the application out as required. 

I read the criteria for eligibility. I had doubt as I am an ex-serviceman and receiving a service pension under Veterans' Affairs. 

Then I read the next line just above signing the document that you have read and confirm your eligibility to nominate. 

The line states, if you are in doubt of your eligibility you are advised to seek legal advice. 

I proceeded to get legal advice and the answer came back that I was eligible. There was also an account for $380 in research fees.

I filled out that form as any other citizen would in regards to filling out government forms, whether it is a Centrelink form, a driver's license application, a Medicare application, a gun licence, or a dog licence. 

I signed and confirmed with my signature that the facts supplied were true and correct. 

But I did not submit the form to nominate as a Senator.

I never assumed my eligibility to nominate for Parliament, yet now we see Senators coming under scrutiny as to their eligibility, all this while holding the seat as a Senator and receiving taxpayers' wages and a good pension guaranteed to boot. 

Their cases are referred to the High Court for investigation, they don't pay to have their eligibility checked and taxpayers foot the bill.

Then the double standards of our government begin to emerge.

Some Senators are exonerated, some expelled, those that are exonerated resume their political life without having to pay any costs due to their case being presented to the High Court.

Those expelled are out and not required to pay court costs. Both scenarios have assumed their eligibility and received taxpayers' monies under false pretences.

If they were an average person on the street, they would be hounded to pay what is due. 

Every politician who has filled out a false declaration must be made to pay back all monies obtained. 

All politicians whose case requires High Court interpretation must be required to pay the cost also, irrespective of guilt or otherwise.

Name withheld by request

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