Music festival an exciting event

I AM referring to the article on the Electric Valley music festival (Sunraysia Daily, December 2).

The focus on police presence and mention of two drug offences at last year’s challenging (due to floods) event is nasty and misleading. 

The focus should be on the enormous effort and risk by organisers to do something well run and exciting for Mildura. 

The focus should be on young (over 18) people, on the fantastic music and the festival. 

Parents want assurance that their kids can have fun in a controlled, safe environment. ­

The media fails them.

So much goes into this event and attendees need their own voice, not the dominating, negative adult voices.

Denigrating the young who are entitled to their events is unkind and counterproductive. 

This tone is not evident when other festivals are held.

The efforts of organisers, family and friends and the young has been enormous and scary due to rain and possible cancellation. 

The media and other community organisations should also add support. 

The event was something to be very proud of.

Do we just want to promote our town with constant negative stories, or do we also focus on the good and exciting and promote our town as one that has quality events for all?

Dianne Wood,


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