Two sides of the rails on horse racing holiday

I WAS interested to read the article on the Outreach for Animals article (Sunraysia Daily, November 9) and their plans to hold an alternate celebration next Melbourne Cup Day not focusing on horse racing.

The thought struck me that although they would not be celebrating or participating in the Melbourne Cup carnival, for reasons I won’t go into here, they were willing to accept the public holiday. This seems to me to be a little hypocritical.

You object to or do not participate in a particular event or festival, but still take advantage of the public holiday.

It is with this in mind a suggestion for the future is proposed.

All workers should submit a resume of their religious, spiritual  or ethical beliefs to their employer and the employer would then only have to grant them holidays for them to honour their beliefs and commitments.

For example: an Australian citizen who is an employed Christian punter and football supporter can have Christmas, Easter, Australia Day, Labour Day, a major racing Cup day (state dependent) off if their team is in the final.

An Australian citizen who is Muslim and employed can have Eid Al-Fitr, Mawlid an Nabi, Australia Day and Labour Day.

A foreign, unemployed, atheist, wowser doesn’t need a holiday at all.

Anzac Day is compulsory for all. 

In short, if you don’t believe in it or have an objection to it you don’t get the holiday and you can enrich the nation with your labours.

Those wishing various holidays will, however, need to provide evidence, a punched attendance card from your Kirk (Mothering Sunday will make a comeback), a note from your Imam, Rabbi, Lama, Shaman or book/dressmaker.

A Richmond tattoo on your backside will not suffice.

The major advantage of this proposal would be the increased productivity of the nation by ensuring that there are more people working than under the current generalist system.

It will also compel the objectors and the perennially aggrieved back to work.

They’ll complain, but since complaining and objecting is what they were going to do anyway it won’t make a difference and if it brings on a silence from that quarter, even better. 

As the rest of us? We will have had a nice holiday and will be all relaxed.

Lachlan Simpson,


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