Community input needed on carp virus

THE National Carp Control Program (NCCP) is visiting Mildura and Swan Hill on October 30 and 31.

The roadshow visiting these towns will be trying to sell the carp virus to the communities. 

There are a lot of serious consequences to local councils and communities with the release of this virus if it doesn’t go to plan. 

The NCCP is not addressing the significant risks associated with the impact that dead, decaying and diseased fish will have on the habitat and water quality in the rivers, lakes and anabranches of the river system in their meetings. 

Local residents need to ask what ecological, social, economic and health impacts this will have for their community.

Who will be responsible for the clean up of dead, decaying and diseased fish, not just in the immediate release of the virus, but also in two, five and 10 years?

In warm water temperatures fish will decay rapidly, and there will be no suitable time for the biomass of dead, decaying and diseased fish to be removed without pollution. 

The cost of the clean up is poorly underestimated. 

There is just so much of the water system to cover across Australia, that all areas will not have the dead, decaying and diseased fish removed.

I urge local residents and community stakeholders to attend the proposed forums.

Paul Eldridge, 

Fresh River Fisheries, Griffith NSW

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