Playing Eve could be start of something

EVE Online has to be one of the last games I expected myself to like.

Eve Online is complex, but what it allows players to do free is generous.

Eve Online is complex, but what it allows players to do free is generous.

Eve Online is a massively multiplayer online role-

playing game (MMORPG) that focuses on space explor­ation, backstabbing, and market manipulation.

It’s notoriously complex and your average user interface looks like a bunch of ledgers thrown on the control panel of a Boeing 747.

But I’ve been trying out its free-to-play version and I’m continually drawn in by all the ability to explore, craft your own story and potentially lose everything you have due to a few bad decisions. 

Like a lot of MMORPGs, Eve Online has its own rich history, but unlike other MMORPGs, that history is written by player actions, not paid staff.

Many of the most famous and important events in Eve history are driven by individual players or wars between player corporations, which are Eve’s equivalent of guilds in other games.

Recently Eve became free-to-play, after many years of being one of the few non-World of Warcraft MMOs to remain pay-to-play.

Free-to-play characters have fewer skills, can purchase fewer items, can’t access most of the game’s ships and train in skills much slower.

But I’ve had a hard time caring about any of that, to be honest.

Since I’m still learning much of the game, having higher-tier ships cut off from me doesn’t really affect me just yet.

I’ve actually found what Eve allows you to do free to be very generous, and come December free players will even be able to access battleships.

However, I find that as I play I brush up against the limitations of my free-to-play status and every day the idea of paying a measly $15 to get access to the entire game seems a little more attractive – which is of course the point.

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