Voting to leave a legacy for the next generation

AT a time when Independents and obscure political parties are helping our great country go broke, piling up a national debt that out grandchildren will have to pay back – why would you vote for one of these parties at the forthcoming by-election this Saturday.

The Shooters Fishers and Farmers Party candidate deserves a special mention. Two years ago she was in Independent, what will she be in another two years? How can anyone forget the happening in Las Vegas last week – we don’t need a party who advocates for more guns and making them easier to get.

The National Party are the only ones that reign in the bureaucratic dinosaur that is the Murray Darling Basin Authority. About 500 employees totally out of control letting water out to the sea and using salt as the excuse. Tube wells do the job elsewhere – why not in South Australia? South Australia conserves no Murray River water, why should we put up with this drain on our towns?

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