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100 years ago

Warren Brophy as Brodie the clown.

Warren Brophy as Brodie the clown.

MERBEIN BUSH NURSING CENTRE: Those who assembled at the Merbein Public Hall last Wednesday heard an excellent lecture showing the bush centres which Sister Greer had labored in or visited. Especially interesting were those of the pioneering districts in Gippsland, where giant trees are still used as residences and for stabling. A resident nurse has already been appointed for Merbein. In reply to a question, Sister Greer said Sister Hunter could be expected in Merbein in about six weeks’ time, or perhaps earlier. She spoke of the necessity of providing a pony, saddle and bridle and other equipment. The salary will be 135 per annum, and money will be required to meet other expenses. (10.10.1917)

WALKING WOUNDED: Y.M.C.A. staff was called into consultation with the Army Medical Staff a week before the great assault was made, were given their positions and shown what tracks had been arranged for the wounded. Thirty four posts were settled between the firing line and the aid posts, so that no wounded soldier able to walk back to the casualty clearing stations should be without a drink, a cigarette and a little nourishing food. A certain number of the ambulance cases also received this free refreshment. Messages, reassuring relatives as to the safety of the men, are also sent by the Y.M.C.A. workers where desired. (10.10.1917)

THE LIGHT HORSE IN PALESTINE: A gift tin of Mildura dried fruit promiscuously despatched to the front brought an interesting reply to a Mildura young lady from Tpr. Rinarove. of the 6th Light Horse Regiment, now serving in Egypt and in Palestine. The Trooper writes: “In thanking you for the Mildura raisins I must give you a little account of our experiences here. I am one of four brothers who enlisted early in the war, went through the Gallipoli campaign and have since been continuously fighting the Turks, first on the Sinai Desert and now in Palestine. My eldest brother was killed at Pozieres: another brother was severely wounded in the spine and returned to Sydney as a cot case: my third brother has been wounded also. but I have had no particulars of his progress. I have been lucky so far and have neither been sick nor wounded. Recently enemy planes have been very active of late, bombarding us wholesale, casualties from which I am not 

allowed to disclose. On the night of May 4 (full moon) a large number of enemy planes came over our positions at Belah and bombed our hospital and aerodromes, doing most damage to the Red Cross Hospital, but the following night 30 of our “birds” went out over ‘Jacko’ and laid ‘eggs’ to the number of 450, so you can guess that ‘Jacko’ was paid back with interest for bombing our Red Cross. On May 28 we shifted camp on to the beach at Khan Yunes and are now having a spell, with plenty of swimming for both horse and man, which is very acceptable, considering the heat ranges from 110 to 119 deg. daily.” (13.10.1917)

75 years ago

LEECHES: The Mildura Base Hospital requires a supply of leeches for medical purposes. An offer of 3d per leech is made to any boys of the district who would be prepared to catch them and deliver them to the office of the hospital. This is an opportunity for boys who know where leeches can be found to help the institution and to make some pocket money. (9.10.1942)

UNITED BY WAR: The war, which has separated the members of so many famillies, has sometimes, by strange turns of chance, brought them together. Lt D.P.R. Ginn, at present attached to the Indian Army, has had the good fortune to be re-united with his father, whom he had not seen for over three years. The father, Capt.A.R. Ginn, had been in the Middle East since the outbreak of war. When he met his father he was able to congratulate him on having been mentioned in despatches. Mr L.P. Ginn, of Mildura, is a relative of the men mentioned. (9.10.1942)

RIO VISTA BOWLING GREENS OPENED: Sir Herbert Olney, MLC, president of the Victorian Bowling Association officially opened the greens on Saturday last in perfect weather. In doing so, Sir Herbert said how interested he had been in the project ever since it had been first mooted. He stated that the greens were the largest in the world controlled by one club. There were larger, but they were under municipal control. The Mayor (Cr C. D.Cameron) formally handed the greens over to the Mildura Bowling Club. (13.10.1942)

50 years ago

CROQUET CLUB OPENING DAY: The Merbein Croquet Club held its opening day last week under ideal conditions. Mrs C. Hudson, who officiated at the opening, commended the club on its preparatory work. Players from both the Red Cliffs and Mildura Croquet Clubs were represented as well as a visiting player from the Charlton Croquet Club. (11.10.1967)

BIGGER VIETNAM FORCE: The Federal Government plans to announce an increased military commitment to Vietnam within the next month. The composition of the extra commitment has not yet been determined. It is believed that No.1 Squadron of Canberra bombers, based at Amberley, Queensland, will be sent to support the war effort. (13.10.1967)

FUNERAL OF NSW WOMAN PIONEER: The funeral was conducted at Wentworth yesterday of Mrs Cecilia Ellen Leary, formerly of Marma Station and the last of the original Byrnes family who were pioneers of the Darling River district. Born in Wentworth, 92 years ago, she was the younger of two sisters of the late Mr Sylvester Byrnes Snr, of Wamberra Station. At the time of her marriage, Mrs Leary’s family had Tarrangara Station between Wentworth and Pooncarie. A bullock wagon track which Mrs Leary’s father used was the route which the explorers Burke and Wills followed from Arumpo Station to Tarcoola Station, to reach the Darling. Her husband, the late Mr Alexander Leary, was the son of former  NSW Attorney-General Mr Joseph Leary.(13.10.1967)

 25 years ago

ELECTRIC CAR: It’s an environmentalist’s dream: a car which uses no fuel and is as quiet as a mouse. The SEC brought its Elcat City Van to Mildura this week to demonstrate the benefits of electrically-powered vehicles. SEC Customer service officer, Mr Gordon Prescott, said the $25,000 Swedish-built Subaru-based unit was capable of reaching a top speed of 72kph, and had an urban-cycle range of about 70 kilometres. When the van was finished with at the end of a day’s use, the driver would plug it into a power point to recharge the batteries for eight hours. (10.10.1992)

CARING FOR THE NEEDY: Travelling the world as a nurse and missionary, Marion Jenner has lived a full and interesting life. The daughter of a Merbein fruit block pioneer, Marion left Mildura in 1943 to undertake midwifery and infant welfare training in Perth. She later returned to Mildura and took over Olinda Private Hospital with a friend from Perth. Marion still lives in the Cedar Avenue building which once housed the hospital. Her move to England in 1948 came after she was awarded a Florence Nightingale Scholarship to study for her Midwife Teachers Diploma. In 1958 she went to Gaza where she worked in a missionary hospital there for nine years with Palestinian refugees offering medical care. Marion was evacuated from Gaza to Lebanon, then Greece, soon after the start of the Six Day War in 1967. Returning to Australia Marion founded the Hospital Christian Fellowship, work which took her to most hospitals on the east and west coasts of Australia between 1975 and 1986. She took this work overseas to countries such as Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt, Canada, India and many European Countries. In 1991 Marion had hip trouble, made a remarkable recovery after a total hip replacement and now has to take life a little easier. (14.10.1992)

SHOWTIME: Perfect lead-up weather, a feast of entertainment firsts and strong entries in all pavilions have set the stage for a tremendous annual Mildura Show. President, Mr Stan Porker, was quietly confident of a bumper show. Last night Rosalind Bond was selected as the 1992 Mildura Miss Showgirl. Rosalind is a library assistant at the CSIRO in Merbein. Runner-up was Mildura bank officer, Fabienne McIntosh. In all, 2000 competitors have entered 6000 events and sections at this year’s show, a pleasing result for show secretary, Mr Bruce Bawden. This year’s show will be officially opened at 2.30pm on Friday by RSL Victorian president, Mr Bruce Ruxton. (14.10.1992)

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