The wait for NBN continues for Mildura

O the NBN technicians who were supposed to come to my house between 8am and noon on Friday: I waited all morning for you to come. 

I postponed all the things I had to do that morning and I sat around for four hours waiting and yet, for whatever reason, you just did not to turn up, nor did you phone me to say that you weren’t coming. 

I even had an INC number given to me by the Telstra technician who came out on Tuesday and tested my modem and the NTD box. 

It is possible that you were unaware of such an appointment because my communications carrier Telstra is, funnily enough, not that good at communication. 

I have been waiting for nearly two weeks to get my NBN equipment looked at, and every time I call Telstra it feels like Groundhog Day. 

However, I did call them to find out why my local NBN technicians did not come and the lovely lady from the Philippines gave me a spiel about it being fixed remotely from the exchange. 

Of course I don’t actually believe her because if that were true then surely an NBN technician would have called me to say that it was fixed and to perhaps reset the NTD box maybe? 

We are now in limbo with no idea if ever our internet will be any faster, so if anyone out there is thinking of switching to NBN may I suggest that you think twice because ADSL is much faster and more reliable. 

My download speed on Friday was 3.2 download Bbps 4.4 Upload Bbps Ping 63.

NBN is a joke and if Malcolm Turnbull and the Liberal Party are not careful, NBN will be their downfall. 

Christine Gooch,


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