Federal voices come out to play party politics

THERE have been some weird developments in the Murray by-election in the last week.

Past and present federal politicians, like Kay Hull, Michael McCormack and Barnaby Joyce have been all over our airwaves and local media, implying that the whole world might fall down if we dare to make this state seat marginal over the next 17 months or so.

We had Barnaby going as far as saying that if Murray is won by Helen Dalton, we’re delivering a Labor government.

That’s complete and utter nonsense. This is a by-election.

If Helen Dalton wins, it will not change the State Government to Labor.

If you vote for Helen, you’re voting for Helen and the SFFP. 

She has not joined the Labor Party.

If you want to vote for Labor, then vote for Michael Kidd, not Helen Dalton.

I do have to ask why our federal Nationals are taking over this campaign and all but smothering their state colleagues and even Austin.

What are they so concerned about?

Debbie Buller, 

Murrami, NSW

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