Consider your vote very carefully

FOR what and for whom are we really voting at Saturday’s Murray by-election?

In the seat of Murray most income and employment is directly and indirectly related to agriculture and irrigation water.

Your career, your potential or current employment will be somehow linked to the availability of irrigation water or agribusiness performance, as will your major asset – your home value. 

Service and health industries, manufacturing, and engineering, logistics and education all underpin agriculture in one way or another. 

So the crucial question is: which party or candidate is most skilled and best-placed to protect the status quo, or more importantly, maximise opportunities for local industries, your career and home asset value to grow and prosper?

It makes clear sense that Murray is represented by an MP and a party who can operate effectively across all three levels. 

The Labor Party’s proposal to take a further 450,000ML of irrigation water from the Murray Darling Basin – especially if most of this water could be accessed by irrigation schemes in the Murray electorate – would be disastrous and potentially ruinous for local communities and you as a constituent.

Make sure you have an understanding of the facts and the policies each party is putting forward and inform yourself of the important questions that must be asked.

Why have the Shooters, Fishers and Farmers done a deal with Labor on their how-to-vote cards, cross-preferencing their votes?

What are we really voting for?

If it’s protection of jobs and home asset values, and the potential to improve and expand your own career and wealth horizons, then only one party and one candidate can offer a way forward – The Nationals and Austin Evans.

David Farley,

Narrandera, NSW

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