Marriage changes over time for the better

Had a conversation with a few friends about the letter from Reverend Canon Dale Barkley (Sunraysia Daily, September 15) and thought some points needed clarifying.

Marriage over a long period of time has not been just between a man and a woman. 

As recently as 1942 it was legal in Australia for men to marry a girl of 12 years and women to marry a boy of 14. 

The law was changed, and of course it should have been. 

Marriage changes over time and in many cases it is for the better. 

You say there are real concerns about freedom of religion, yet why has religion got anything to do with the law in this case? 

Your religious freedoms will not change. It will just be another issue to add to the list of things you morally disagree with due to a faith you choose to pursue. 

I fully support your choice to practise your faith, but I do not agree that your beliefs should have anything to do with my or anyone else’s private life. 

In your rationale on what marriage equality is defined as, true marriage equality would include incest, paedophilia and polygamy. 

You missed out on including objectophelia, zoophilia and necrophilia. 

For why stop with such a short list? 

This vote has actually nothing to do with any of these issues of course, though your tendency to group homosexuality with mental illnesses is typical of the kind of conversation this so-called respectful debate has emboldened. 

Two consenting, loving adults wanting to tie the knot is what this is about, nothing more and nothing less. Everything else is a distraction in an attempt to justify voting “no”. 

Gary Davis,


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