Music festival needs some new ideas

What is happening to the Mildura Country Music Festival?

Time for some new blood.

Whose brilliant idea was it to put shows on at the Mildura Airport Lounge between 9am to 11.30am?

I spend a lot of time there and this is the busiest time of the day with three Rex, Qantas, and Virgin all landing and departing at that time.

Sometimes not many seats are left, so where are country music fans supposed to sit, and just where is the artist going to stand, etc.

What about parking? It can be quite full at that time.

What about security? Imagine everyone going through, emptying their pockets and men removing belts. It’s just such a bad idea.

As is making fans take seats to sit outside the Gateway on the grass. Used to be so nice to be inside having lunch, and watching the show.

Also make sure the correct phone number is in the program book.

Lorrelle Lee, 


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