Marriage equality is an issue for us all

Marriage equality is not a political issue, it is a human rights issue.

The NTEU, like any progressive organisation, fully supports marriage equality. 

About 11 per cent of the population belong to the LGBTI community or have an immediate family member who is LGBTI (9 per cent lesbian, gay or bisexual, 1-2 per cent are transgender or intersex – incidentally the same proportion as red-heads in the population).

The Sex Discimination Act 1984 makes it unlawful to discriminate on basis of three specific protected attributes: sexual orientation, gender identity and intersex status. 

Marriage equality is not reverse discrimination or preferential treatment. 

Inclusive practice means bringing the privilege level of a minority group to the same level as the majority. 

Giving one group equal rights does not diminish the rights of another group. 

Check your privilege by considering the following: can you talk freely about your family and social life with colleagues? 

Do you think about whether your sexual orientation is on display? 

Do you hide your gender identity? 

Do you hesitate when filling out forms asking whether you’re male or female? 

Is your gender identity or sexual orientation the target of jokes or innuendo? 

Everyone has the right to equal treatment under Australian laws.

Rachel Neumann, 

 NTEU Victorian TAFE branch president 

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