I am putting my hand up for the Murray seat

THE electorate of Murray will soon have a by-election. 

Here is your chance to make a difference. I will be contesting as an independent but will only get about 6 per cent. 

However, I will be hammering The Nationals candidate and the establishment to host adjudicated debates not wishy-washy “meet the candidates” where nothing worthwhile happens.

You can now start finding out which parties including Shooters, Fishers and Farmers, Australian Country Party, Country Minded, One Nation and Katter Party will communicate constructively with you. 

You should be considering who among you would be a good candidate and then help them to choose the best party to join.

In the 2016 federal election there was only one debate listed – in Deniliquin. 

ABC Radio promised “robust debate” but then reneged.

In the 2015 state election there was only one – in Wentworth – and Adrian Piccoli backed out. 

I wrote books about both of the undemocratic campaigns. 

We should all aim for this by-election to be more democratic.

Brian Mills,

Griffith, NSW

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