Opponents don’t want ‘marriage’ to change

I WOULD like to say that the problem with the majority of people who are against equality of gay people is not because of the choices they have made in partners.

It is the fact that they want the word “marriage” redefined.

Why not compromise? 

Use a different title and they would find there would be no problem with the objectors including myself.

Unless politics interfere it should pass both houses easily and thus there would be no need for a very expensive plebiscite, as the politicians would then be able to vote on it.

If gays want to be recognised as a couple why not perhaps use the words “gay union” or even “gay marriage” and bring a bill up in parliament to legalise this?

This would go well with the majority of objectors and it would only be the few bigoted people who would still object.

I have spoken to many people on this and all have virtually said the only objection they have is redefining the word marriage.

Why don’t you bring a Bill in parliament to accomplish the above and Australia would be a world leader instead of following many of the other countries who have caved in?

Gay people could still have ceremonies with certificates to prove their marital status and be entitled to the equality they say they are looking for.

Please consider this and think of the angst and cost you would be saving.

Bette Schulz,

Red Cliffs

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