Broad shows hypocrisy on water and equality

The hypocrisy of our local federal member of Parliament never ceases to amaze me.

On the one hand he hides behind party lines when he supports the government’s stand against a Parliamentary inquiry into the serious alleged water theft in our rivers but on the other hand is prepared to walk away from the government if they support a free vote on same-sex marriage.

Same-sex marriage is an issue that affects the two people involved and their friends and family.

It really isn’t anyone else’s business what their personal relationship is.

There has been an enormous amount of wasted energy on this subject, and a $122 million postal vote is obscene. Our parliamentarians are paid well enough to make these decisions in a free vote.

The primary issue is one that affects us all.

Every household, every farm, every horticultural endeavour and every gum tree, fish and bird  relies on our rivers being healthy.

If you farm, have a garden, drink water, fish, ski or just like camping, you need a healthy river.

The Darling River ran dry in a year when we had flooding rainfall in the upper catchment areas.

Yet Broken Hill and Pooncarie and many other towns could have been put at perilous risk by the alleged serious theft of our water.

Is this Nationals looking after mates?

Barnaby Joyce made a mockery of the agreement between the states and the $13 billion spent on buying water by the Federal Government in the pub in Shepparton by suggesting they (Nationals) had pinched water from the “greenies” to support agriculture, when in fact it is all going to a handful of “mates” – bugger the rest.

When farmers get less than 100 per cent allocation and towns are put on water restrictions, blocks and our gardens die at least 

Andrew Broad can put his hand on his heart and say “at least I saved us from same-sex marriage”.

Tony Alessi,


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