Speed driver dismisses court and case

A SPEEDSTER from Speed says he will take a conviction of dangerous driving to the High Court.

Thirty-six-year-old Bruce Manley yesterday disputed the accur­acy of a police speed radar that clocked him travelling at 175km/h in a 110km/h zone on the Calder Highway in December last year.

Appearing in the Mildura Magistrates’ Court, Manley also contested charges of failing to notify VicRoads of a change of address and failing to answer bail, claiming on that occasion he had been kidnapped and held for a $500 ransom before being released.

He said the court was unconstitutional, owned by the Catholic Church and “rotten to the core”.

Manley claimed the speed assessment was taken by “a dodgy calibrated instrument” and the accusations put to him were “lies”.

“I’m not guilty of any crime ... a crime has to have a victim,” he told the court.

“Road rules are not laws or else they would be called road laws.” 

Quoting an ABN number, ­Manley said the court was a “corrupt business” that had no right to hear his case.

The court was told police observed Manley driving at a fast rate at Hattah about 10.25pm on December 10 last year and initially ­estimated the vehicle to be travelling at about 150km/h.

However, when ­police activated a 

speed radar gun installed in the vehicle, it clocked Manley at 175km/h.

Manley claimed to have been driving at 110km/h and the speed alleged by police was a “false accus­ation”.

He told Magistrate Michael Coghlan that he should not be sitting on the case and repeatedly asked him to remove himself from the matter.

“I’m going to take this to the High Court,” he said.

However, Mr Coghlan rejected Manley’s claims describing his submissions as “ridiculous”.

The magistrate said he was satisfied the police radar had been tested and used in ­accordance of regulations and that Manley’s speed was dangerous to the public.

He said Manley offered no genuine explanation for failing to answer bail or failing to notify VicRoads of a change of address.

The magistrate disqualified Manley’s licence for 12 months and fined him a total of $2400 for the offen­ces.

“I dismiss this case – I’m leaving,” Manley said as he left the court.

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