‘I’m sick of prison’

A MILDURA man who has been behind bars for most of his 38 years says he is sick of jail and wants to change his ways.

However, 38-year-old Thomas Mitchell will be incarcerated for at the least the next three months after yesterday admitting to a series of assault, theft and property damage charges.

Mitchell told the Mildura Magistrates’ Court he believed his victims must have done something to “p... me off” when he was affected by alcohol.

The court was told Mitchell assaulted one man on three separate occasions within a week in March this year and demanded the victim hand over $150 or face further harm.

The first assault happened on March 9 after the victim had moved into a unit close to the accused and when Mitchell punched the man to the side of the head for no apparent reason.

The court was told the accused returned to the man’s premises two days later and after a short discussion and without warning he punched the same victim to the head and demanded money.

On March 15, while carrying a bottle of wine, Mitchell again attended the victim’s address and head-butted him before entering the apartment and searching through the man’s bedroom.

The court was told the accused was involved in an earlier assault in February this year and also smashed a glass door at a house in San Mateo Avenue.

Mitchell’s defence counsel told the court his client had “long-

standing alcohol issues” and had been institutionalised for most of his adult life. He said it would take “some considerable effort” for Mitchell to change his life.

Magistrate Michael Coghlan said Mitchell had a history of standing over men that he had assaulted.

“They must have done something to p... me off,” Mitchell replied.

Mr Coghlan said it would be preferred that the accused access the support of a rehabilitation facility, but that was not an available option for him in sentencing.

Mitchell was sentenced to a total of eight months in jail, but has already served almost 150 days in custody since his arrest.

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