Women across the world share strength

Women from around Australia are joining forces as part of a global sisterhood, aimed at raising money and awareness for women living in poverty worldwide.

In September, Caritas Australia’s Women for the World fundraiser will bring together thousands of women who will host their own Women for the World events. 

These events will range from a simple morning tea, through to a movie night or a dinner party.

 Money raised from Women for the World events will go to fund Caritas Australia’s work in 29 countries globally across Asia, Africa, the Pacific, Latin America and within First Australian programs.

It’s time to take action, given women represent the greatest proportion of people experiencing extreme poverty around the world.

Women have an important and increasingly influential role in the fabric of our society, yet 55 per cent of the world’s poor are women.

Many face systemic discrimination that prevents them from gaining an education, accessing healthcare and securing employment. 

But we also know that we can do something about it and if we reach out and help a woman, her family and her community can climb out of poverty.”

When you host a Women for the World event, the most important thing is to have fun. 

So choose something you like to do, get your friends family and colleagues together and just go for it. 

Last year, thanks to all of our supporters we reached over 2 million people directly through our emergency and development programs. 

You can register to host a Women for the World event at www.womenfortheworld.org.au where you can set up your online fundraising page. 

Michelle Fernon, A long-time supporter of Caritas Australia

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