Fight against liquor

 100 years ago 

Mildura’s Coffee Palace, now the Grand hotel, was part of the temperance effort in the irrigation colony.

Mildura’s Coffee Palace, now the Grand hotel, was part of the temperance effort in the irrigation colony.

LOCAL NEWS: St John’s Ambulance raffle is for 100 pounds of linen, for the complete household form tray cloths to sheets, an amazing amount so buy your tickets. For your evening comfort, the perfect end of a perfect day- it’s the “Laurel” to experience comfort and general pleasure by settling down to your book or paper under the restful rays of a “Laurel” kerosene heater – easier on the eyes than glaring electricity or gas – no flicker. (8.8.1917)

WAR: In Southern Russia the corn is being harvested ahead of the advancing German Army. The Welshmen wiped out the Cockshafters who’d fought savagely with the Maibetties, two battalions crumbled, the Welshmen prisonering and killing many. (8/11.8.1917)

TEMPERANCE: On Cureton Ave at the intersection of Deakin Ave, approval has been given for a temperance accommodation building. With a frontage of 198ft to the former and 178ft to the latter, it runs from the Coffee Palace taking up 4 blocks occupied by the Chaffey’s Offices. Drinking at the Settlers will no more be encouraged nor at the Working Man’s Club where a table was so wet with liquor, deep enough to swim a paper boat in. The scriptures show drink is a gift and not for mankind to abuse. (11.8.1917)

 75 years ago 

LOCAL AND GENERAL: The Health Inspector of the Shire, Mr Harvey said in a recent campaign 2,900 local school children, inc 470 pre-schoolers were vaccinated for Diptheria. There are 2917 enrolled children in all school inc Millewa and Mallee districts. Thirty growers of potatoes applied for help to harvest their crops of potatoes – only 17 men came now the potatoes are rotting in the ground. (6/8.8.1942)

ITEMS: Petrol will be up 1 penny a gallon from Saturday. The only one of its kind – a travelling baby health centre caravan caught fire while travelling to Culgoa from Sea Lake. Sister Prendergast and Miss Gale could not put out the fire. Tea will be rationed, those with rations numbers 5, 6, 7 and 8 can use them for the next 5 weeks and get 2 ounces per coupon or ½ lb of tea. The 46 members of the Merbein Home Guard held their weekly parade under cover because of the bad weather. (6/11.8.1942)

OVERSEAS AND LOCAL: The exaggerated arm swing adopted by the Australian Air Force when marching is to be dropped. It was announced that of 8 Nazi saboteurs tried by the Military Commission, 6 had been executed, E. Burger’s got life and G. Beech got 30 years, both with hard labour. Washed out of the hold of the wrecked steamer Orangal by heavy seas, thousands of packets of cigarettes littered the beach at Barwon Heads. Ruined by the salt water, it was a distressing sight for smokers. (9/11.8.1942)

50 years ago 

IMMIGRANTS: More than 2 million mig­rants have settled here since 1945, that would make a city nearly as big as Melbourne. Two million people made up the population of England at the time of the Norman Conquest. As Australians have found, culture is a vibrant force in 

changing the pattern of society. Noticeable changes are more people, taller buildings, wider roads and faster transport. (7.8.1967)

UFO: Seen any UFO’s lately? Don’t laugh, if you do you will be adding to what is more and more eminent scientists call the “ridicule lid” – an attitude they describe as almost criminally dangerous. Not all of the saucer and cigarette shaped objects constantly reported from all parts of the world are weather balloons, meteors, skyhooks, aircraft ball lighting etc, in fact in 1953 the American Central Intelligence Agency asked the Government to initiate its official “debunking” policy. Reports from a U.S. Air Force pilot were covered up as hallucinations yet he was still employed and there were no shortages of pilots for his job. (7.8.1967)

TANKS: About a dozen families at the Dareton Aboriginal camp are enjoying a luxury they have not had before – their own water supply. The tanks ranging from 1000 to 3000 gallons were obtained after an appeal was opened recently. Previously water was carried in buckets from neighbouring horticultural properties. (9.8.1967)

 25 years ago 

ACHIEVEMENTS: Twenty-five years of hard work by Sunraysia V/Line employees were recognised – they were I. Cogdell, R. Duscher, G. Sharman, J. Groves and L. Bursill. Also 7 Red Cliffs firefighters were awarded for life membership – G. Hand, J. Cramp, W. O’Reilly, A. Mitchell, W. Lambert, D. Reading and R. Dean. National medals for long service of the Red Cliff Firefighters were: J. Begg, J. Cross, R. Moore, T. Leach, G. Shaw, G. Hand, C. Slorach, W. Harker, K. Shaw, D. Reading, and R. Dean. Mr F Mc Cormick also celebrated 40 years in the Mildura Newsagency business, a very well known local. (6/8.8.1967)

HISTORY: Buronga Public School will celebrate its 50th anniversary in October with a back to Buronga weekend. Mildura shooter Darrel Jack is a dead-eye dick, he is right up with the best shots in Australia. He won an embroidered rifle badge in the Tasmanian postal school shoot over 600 yds and came 18th out of a field of 180. (6.8.1992)

EVENTS: Mildura Shire left their competitors in their wake during the staging of the inaugural “Great Wheelie Bin Race”. The Shire scored a quinella in the sprint section then eclipsed its opposition in the novelty race against the Mildura Base Hospital, Mildura Bottle Exchange, Mildura City and Sunraysia Community Health Teams. (8.8.1992). 

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