Emissions move a con

NEW plans to increase emission requirements on new cars, adding about $5000 per vehicle, is nothing more than a con on top of an already outlandish con.

All new vehicles now have  exhaust gas recycling, where a large percentage of exhaust gas is reintroduced to the engine. While it does reduce the amount of carbon monoxide released into the atmosphere per litre of fuel used, the reality is that by reducing the amount of oxygen entering the combustion chamber, and increasing the temperature of air entering the 

combustion chamber from 30C to more than 300C, the motor cannot burn fuel at peak efficiency, meaning drivers are using up to 

50 per cent more fuel per kilometre.

In short, you are emitting less carbon monoxide per litre of fuel used, but more carbon monoxide per kilometre travelled. 

The other part of this con is that the Left’s war is on carbon dioxide, not carbon monoxide. 

Engine blowback being sent straight back into the engine, instead of a collection vessel, is causing irreparable damage to motors, and no one from the Left has considered how much energy is used in building new vehicles to replace the ones prematurely sent to the scrap heap. 

Mark Cory,

Red Cliffs

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