ACCC measures users’ internet deals

MANY consumers in Mildura are in the dark about the typical speeds of the different retail services offered over the NBN, and sometimes left angry, frustrated, and dissatisfied by internet services that don’t deliver.

Four in every five consumers are confused about the broadband speed information they get from retailers.

Australians spend more than $4 billion per year on fixed broadband services yet complaints about internet data speeds increased 48 per cent during 2015-16, making it the single largest issue for telecommunication consumer complaints during the year.

In response to the unmet need for information about broadband speeds, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) is setting up a program that will measure and compare broadband speeds across the country.

The program will install devices in the households of about 4000 volunteers.

These devices will perform remote testing to determine typical speeds on fixed-line NBN services at various times throughout the day.

The ACCC’s broadband monitoring program will provide consumers with accurate, transparent, and comparable information about the quality and reliability of the fixed-line broadband services available.

The broadband speeds program will also help to identify whether issues relating to poor speeds at peak times are being caused by the performance of the NBN, or by internet service providers (ISPs) not buying sufficient capacity to ensure you get the speeds you are paying for at peak times.

It is crucial that consumers have access to information about the speed and quality of the broadband services they are paying for in order to compare offers and find the plan that best meets their needs.

The ACCC urges all residents of Mildura that have a fixed-line NBN connection to sign up to the ACCC monitoring program to help us provide you with just that.

To sign up visit by July 31.

Rod Sims,

Australian Competition and Consumer Commission chairman

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