Restaurant owners behaved like schoolkids, court told: Food fight

A “tit for tat” dispute between two neighbouring Langtree Avenue restaurant owners that saw them fighting like schoolkids has ended in court. 

Mihail Bilionis, 66, who owns Blue Salt, pleaded guilty to a charge of threatening to inflict serious injury when he faced Mildura Magistrates’ Court yesterday. His plea came after Magistrate Andrew Mckenna gave a sentence indication that he would dodge a conviction. 

The fight came after years of conflict between him and Rendezvous owner Simon Harrington, that descended into both of them acting like school kids, the court heard.

The court heard that on November 8 about 3.45pm, Bilionis removed brackets and chains that supported shades in the outdoor area of Rendevous.

Mr Harrington saw Bilionis and asked him where the chain and brackets were.

Bilionis replied that he “threw them in the bin” and threatened Mr Harrington.

“I’m going to cut your throat,” Bilionis said.

Bilionis later denied the allegations saying the victim verbally 

attacked him. A witness told police they were both acting like they were in a school yard fight.

“I think Simon wanted Michael (Mihail) to hit him,” the witness from another Langtree Avenue restaurant said. 

Bilionis’ defence counsel said both had been acting in a very childish way.

He said the years-long conflict between them had been “tit for tat where at various times they’ve both abused each other”.

He asked Mr McKenna to place him on a good behaviour bond with a condition to complete an anger management course. 

Mr McKenna said it was too serious for a bond and at 66 he was already “set in his ways”. 

He fined Bilionis $2500.

“This has got to stop,” Mr McKenna said.

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