Labor is turning a blind eye to wild dogs

THE Victorian Labor Government’s lack of interest in the wild dog control program looks to have extended to the resoundingly successful Fox Bounty.

Foxes and wild dogs are a massive blight on Victoria’s landscape, wreaking havoc on livestock and our native fauna alike, yet Labor is turning a blind eye and failing to listen.

The Premier for Melbourne just doesn’t get it – the only good fox is a dead fox, and the only thing better is a dead wild dog.

Labor left high country landholders in limbo for two years after axing the Wild Dog Bounty and sacking the Wild Dog Advisory Committee.

While Agriculture Minister Jaala Pulford has given in to pressure from farmers and finally replaced the committee, it’s disappointing that there are less landholder representatives, there are no women, and one of the members has previously criticised wild dog control measures.

Peter Walsh,

Shadow Minister for Agriculture

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