Rails make me feel safer in hospital beds

REGARDING Txt the Editor (Sunraysia Daily, June 15, “Worried”, I had once been admitted to an emergency ward (not Mildura) which had a row of beds separated by curtains.

As I lay in the bed I saw a nurse walk down the corridor, just as she passed my bed I heard her call out “is Mrs X supposed to be on the floor?”

There was an immediate rush of people in the direction of Mrs “X’s” bed, I then saw three nurses pushing a bed and patient at the gallop down the corridor, what the result was I do not know.

I have had a number of serious operations and while recovering, the rails on my bed were pulled up.

I found that comforting as hospital beds are narrow, high and hospital floors are hard.

It would not take much of a movement to fall out, those rails are easy to pull up into place and to take down.

I cannot believe that there can be a good argument for what I believe to be an essential piece of safety equipment not to be used.

Lindsay Leake,


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