Regional Victoria deserves better

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews­­­ has squandered a chance to add $60 million to our state’s infrastructure­­­­­ budget.

When Rural Finance Corp­oration was sold in 2014, Victoria became eligible for a $60 million bonus from the Commonwealth Government’s Asset Recycling Initiative­­­ (ARI).

This was to be a $60 million bonus­­ on top of the sale proceeds of $400 milllion.

Shamefully, Mr Andrews failed to finalise the deal with Can­berra­­ before the ARI’s June 30, 2016, deadline and it’s now confirmed that Victoria has missed out.

That’s $60 million that should have gone toward fixing our crumbling country roads or our ageing regional rail services.

It is outrageous that Mr Andrews­­­ had 18 months to finish the paperwork and still failed to secure this substantial bonus funding.

But then, this is the same premier who spent $1.2 billion not to build a road.

Regional Victoria deserves better. 

We need a State Government that has a plan for all Victorians – not just those who live in Melbourne.

Peter Walsh

Opposition spokesman for Regional­­­ Development and Member­­­ for Murray Plains 

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