We must give tourists reason to visit Mildura

We must give tourists reason to visit Mildura

Mildura was an irrigation settlement in Australia and a large producer of crops until governments, regulations and restrictions put an end to this.

We then became a tourist town and, with its position, assets and access,  could be a major player and stopover in Australia’s tourism market, but exactly what category of tourist town have we become?

The first are towns that people visit because they know someone there or it is on the way to somewhere else. 

The second are towns that people put on their “to do” list and are attracted to as must-see because something is of interest. 

The third category is the “this is where we are going” group – they may go elsewhere on the way, but these towns are bucket-list towns.

So what is Mildura?

Unfortunately with all the money­­­ we spend on tourism, we are still the first category.

Our local tourism groups and government have no interest or ambition to change this situation or break any status quos.

They are not out there enticing new and unique attractions and they are not offering incentives to get these attractions, to the detriment­­­ of other businesses and locals­­­ who would benefit from the increased tourism.

It is no wonder the State Government takes our taxes and sees other priorities elsewhere to spend it on.

It cannot see any future expansion of returns from this area through revenue growth above what we see now.

And opportunities that are happening seem to be quickly shot down by the Mildura Council.

People once flocked here on holiday,­­­ we had a wonderful zoo, more than one major riverboat operated­­­ at any one time, and Sydney to Adelaide­­­ travellers always came here instead of the faster route through Ouyen.

We have lost so much and it must be turned around.

It is time we had leadership that  asked the questions: Why can’t we, and how can we do this? Instead of, sorry, that can’t be done. 

And we need more easy to find long-vehicle­­­ parking in Deakin Avenue­­­ near the toilets and CBD for caravans to pull up as soon as they get to town.

Michael Rickard


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