Your number one vote: Readers reveal hospital is region's top priority

IMPROVED health facilities top the region’s infrastructure priority list, according to results from a Sunraysia Daily online poll.

The survey, which attracted more than 500 responses on Facebook, found participants considered an expansion of the Mildura Base Hospital and a residential drug rehabilitation centre the region’s most needed infrastructure projects.

They were followed on the wishlist by an entertainment and convention centre, a passenger train to Melbourne and the next stage of the riverfront redevelopment.

Participants were asked to rank nine proposed projects in order of their importance, with the option of including another unspecified project in their wishlist.

Poll results (below) ranked projects according to how important participants considered them, factoring in not just first preferences but how highly participants ranked each item.

Passenger train services ranked fourth in the poll, ahead of other transport projects, such as an airport expansion and duplication of the Calder Highway between Irymple and Red Cliffs.

The preferences of male and female participants differed slightly.

While men and women agreed the most urgent infrastructure project in Sunraysia was a hospital expansion, men's second and third priorities were an entertainment centre and the next stage of the riverfront development.

Women, meanwhile, included a drug rehab facility and the return of passenger trains to Melbourne in their top three.

A major difference between the sexes was the importance of a new motorsport complex, which men considered more important than the return of passenger trains and an airport expansion, while women ranked it last in their calculations.

Men considered the return of passenger rail more important only than a Calder Highway duplication and an indoor sports complex.


1. Hospital expansion

2. Residential drug rehabilitation centre

3. An entertainment and convention centre

4. Passenger train to Melbourne

5. Next stage of the riverfront redevelopment

6. Airport expansion and new routes

7. Motorsport complex

8. Irymple to Red Cliffs Calder Highway duplication

9. Indoor sports complex

10. Other

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