Harsh penalties can fix labour hire mess

IN response to Victorian Farmers Federation Horticulture vice-president Emma Germano, when it comes to worker exploitation, neither the VFF nor the Labor Government would know their elbow from their eyelash. Why?

Because they refuse to talk to people who have been at the coalface highlighting this problem for many years. So here is a policy I think we can all get behind.

All foreigners who enter the country with the intention to work must be given a right to work ID card, with photo identification, working visa class and visa expiry date.

This is quite simple to check on the farm and does not bog anyone down in paperwork. A copy of workers’ rights and pay rates to be issued with every right to work ID.

Farmers and labor-hire contractors should face criminal charges and crippling fines based on the gross worth of the farming operation if found to have illegals working on the property whether hired directly or by a third party contractor.

Mark Cory,

Red Cliffs

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