We need to give our regions visibility

SYDNEY has been the self-nominated gateway to Australia for too long and it is time our great country of many destinations was promoted far more and not via Sydney.

Many tourism destinations of amazing natural beauty and the real Australia are promoted overseas with images of Sydney and the bridge or Opera House that make remote places look close to Sydney.

Kakadu or Uluru or the Kimberly are often featured with Sydney images.

It is time Tourism Australia featured far more of Australia.

It is time Australia’s best tourism features got the promotion they deserve. The Ghan is an iconic train journey as are the many great road trips.

The airport debate in Sydney is now a time to let go of the Sydney controls and it being the main feature of why a tourist wants to travel here.

Victoria has an amazing regional gourmet scene that needs to be featured far more.

Mungo National Park near Mildura is truly amazing and should be a destination for overseas tourists.

Mildura is the gateway to the outback and could be the start of many great road trips to amazing places.

Victorian wine regions like Rutherglen are exceptional and deserve far more national tourism support.

Stuart Davie,


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