Regional Victoria needs to be heard

MILDURA doesn’t need population growth, it needs government to stop ignoring it and treating it like the forgotten country that feeds it’s coffers and receives less than its share back again.

The restoration should not be just Mildura, but the two main direct corridors which are the links to Melbourne and to Hamilton/Horsham/Warrnambool need to be built upon. 

The forgotten towns along these corridors need to be built upon to not only make them growth areas, but to shrink the far expanses of nothingness that separates Mildura from other centres.

These smaller centres need to be encouraged and aided in small town development, offered incentives and helped with train travel and increasing tourist stopovers.

Also, as many of these smaller towns as possible need a guarantee of the one major resource that helps development of small towns – water.

Not just for the use of the town, but for recreation. Ouyen is smart enough to be currently doing this.

Small town growth on these corridors will also mean more money to fix the roads that link these towns.

It is also important to ensure that when people do visit that local tourism groups gather as much information as possible about what visitors expected, and how it compares to what they found.

 This is important to ensure that visitors, return or encourage others to visit, and this in turn will bring the money into this town making government sit up and listen.

Mike Rickard,


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