We humans need to get our house in order

REGARDING Neville Gardner’s Letter to the Editor (Sunraysia Daily, April 13), my point is that we need to improve our housekeeping if humans are going to maintain a place fit to live in, there is no doubt that there are multiple factors at play with the environment and we need to maintain and improve our research.

I am not clear what Mr Gardner is really claiming. If it is that we should not be concerned, then I don’t agree.

He mentions that since the beginning of the industrial revolution human life expectancy has greatly improved, one of the reasons is better hygiene. There is no doubt that sewerage management as well as improving and repairing the environment has been a major factor in improving the health conditions and reduction in disease.

 There are many issues contributing to the degradation of the livability of this planet, ignoring them is not a long-term option, cleaning up our ways and repairing damage already done will be hugely expensive.

Lindsay Leake,


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