I can’t believe how neglected Mildura is

WHAT a wonderful Easter weekend filled with family, fun and a sense of community and what wonderful news from Victoria Police that arrests and anti-social behaviour were down despite this Easter being our busiest on record. 

However, since leaving and heading to Melbourne for education and employment I have quietly watched the decline of our once beautiful regional city into a town that I barely recognise.

 A growing crime rate, our youth not completing education higher than Year 10 with a growing drug problem, housing stock drying up, a stagnant marina and aged care services declining even though our aging population is growing, just to name a few.

How will my grandparents meet their growing health problems if no one is fighting for better health outcomes for them? 

I have recently had a daughter of my own and this Easter as we spent four days visiting our family throughout the region. My heart bled with the neglect The Nationals have had on our community. 

As a social and community development worker who has directly impacted Melbourne’s liveability and addressed core community issues in Melbourne, I am shocked that our elected politicians continue to neglect us despite the limitless funding, programs and government initiatives.

All I read from out current elected members is that it’s someone else’s fault.

What has happened? When did we, as a community, allow this to happen? We deserve better.

Simon Vallone,

Deer Park

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